Endwell Family Physicians - Giving Back

The employees and owners of both EFP and RCR feel very strongly in “giving back” to our community. We started out small scale, with occasional “dress down days”. The money raised was used to help out a local charity or a needy family. When the Flood of 2006 devastated our region, several of our own employees were in need of desperate help. That’s when we decided to take action.

The staff organized several fundraisers within the office. We are proud to say that we were able to help twelve different employee families with the money raised. We also made monetary donations and collected needed items for the local organizations that were aiding the flood victims.

After reaching and exceeding this fundraising goal, we were determined to do more. EFP feels very blessed and very fortunate that we can come together as one big family to be able to help other families in our community. We continue to participate in our “dress down days”, which is the first Friday of every month, and to hold special fundraisers as we become aware of areas where we can be of service.

Over the years, we have proudly donated to several different charities, families, and organizations.

  • Endwell Family Physicians, L.L.P
  • Endwell Family Physicians, L.L.P
  • Endwell Family Physicians, L.L.P
  • Endwell Family Physicians, L.L.P
  • Endwell Family Physicians, L.L.P

Here is a list of our some of our recipients:

  • numerous flood victim families 2006 & 2011
  • Conklin Flood Relief
  • Mother Theresa’s Cupboard
  • CHOW
  • AIDS Walk
  • Operation First Response (aid to our soldiers)
  • Asafoaste in Hohoe, Ghana, Africa (Dr. Elinoff’s volunteer site)
  • Logan’s Light
  • Danielle House
  • SOS Shelter
  • Mom’s House
  • M-EAL's program
  • Zooneyfest
  • American Cancer Society
  • BCC’s fundraiser for Yesteryear’s
  • BAE Tournament for Our Troops
  • Safer & Pinola (students working for the recovery in New Orleans)
  • Endwell Rotary Foundation
  • American Civic Association
  • Homes for Our Troops
  • The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, The Regan Greys Team
  • The families in Oklahoma devastated by the tornadoes 2013
  • Mercy House

EFP will continue to work hard in our efforts to help others. We are all truly thankful for our strength, our courage, our wisdom, and our determination to be a continued source of support in our community and our world.