Bone Density

EFP is able to test a patient’s bone density right here at our office.

Medical tests are available which can measure bone density safely and painlessly. These tests, known as Bone Mineral Density Tests (BMD tests) or bone mass measurements, use small amounts of radiation to determine the bone density of the spine, hip, wrist, or heel.

While x-rays can detect breaks in bones, they are not sensitive enough to detect osteoporosis until 25 to 40 percent of bone mass has been lost—by this time the disease is well advanced.

Bone density tests are able to provide you with information on your bone health sooner and can detect problems earlier than an ordinary x-ray can.

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  • Endwell Family Physicians, L.L.P

If you would like to find out more about bone density testing, please call our office at (607) 754-3863.


If you are concerned about osteoporosis...
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