Our History

In July 1977, Bruce Bowling, Victor Elinoff, and Jonathan Harris, all recent graduates of the Wilson Hospital Family Medicine Training Program, opened Primary Care Affiliates. The practice started through a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation associated with Wilson Hospital. Their teacher and mentor Glenn Tymeson joined them soon after. The practice grew and thrived, providing comprehensive primary care, including obstetrics. In January 1980, the practice became independent of the hospital, changing its name to Endwell Family Physicians, LLP.

Three years later and itching to grow, the group hired Duncan Sze-Tu, also a graduate of the Wilson Residency. That same year, the group bought the Harris Foodlines building at 415 Hooper Road and it became the permanent home of EFP.

Endwell Family Physicians, L.L.P
Endwell Family Physicians, L.L.P

Through the constant enthusiasm of the staff, lead by office manager Bea Grace, the practice evolved and developed into this community’s largest independent primary care office.

John Perry, an Endwell native, joined us in 1987 and we have continued to add deeply caring physicians to the practice. Today we have fourteen board certified family practice physicians working together.

EFP has long believed in the importance of “medical providers” in addition to the “physician providers.” We were pleased to bring on nurse practitioners, starting with Gloria Block, RN, FNP-C, who still practices with us today. Physician assistants, nurses, medical assistants, laboratory, and business personnel also joined the practice, all with the primary goal of serving our patients in a caring atmosphere.

In 1989 we stopped delivering babies to allow us more time to focus on the increasingly complex challenges of providing family care in the ever changing health care environment.

Early in 1991, we began an active clinical research program and have participated in over five hundred clinical trials testing new therapies for many medical conditions. This exposure has helped keep our skills up to date and has offered unique opportunities to thousands of patients over the past twenty years.

Endwell Family Physicians, L.L.P

As the needs of our patients changed, so did we. In 1999, recognizing the importance of providing unscheduled care availability to both our patients and the community, we opened The Walk-In as an affiliated but free standing acute care center.

Our clinicians continue to remain actively involved in teaching in the health care field. Medical students, graduate physicians, advance practice nurses, physician assistants, and medical assistants regularly spend part of their training with our staff and providers. We are a teaching site for many programs including hospital training as well as Binghamton University and SUNY Broome.

We pride ourselves in providing new and varied services to our patients. We have added laser hair removal, varicose vein treatment, dietitian services, bone density testing, as well as an on-site comprehensive laboratory.

Today, Endwell Family Physicians, LLP, is the only privately owned and managed primary care practice in this area. We continue to care for our own patients during their hospitalization at Wilson Memorial Hospital. We take great pride in continuing to treat our patients in a caring and supportive environment, and look forward to growing together in the future.