Laser Hair Removal


Endwell Family Physicians has been performing laser hair removal since 2004. Our Candela Gentlelase is considered to be the most effective machine for hair removal of a wide variety of hair and skin tones. Treatments are generally well tolerated and provide an excellent alternative to other hair removal options. Our experienced laser technicians would be happy to schedule a free consultation to further explain this exciting method of hair removal to you. Call (607) 754-3863 to set up your free consultation.

Dr. Jonathan Harris performs laser for the following skin conditions: flat, pigmented lesions, telangectasias, or prominent facial veins. These treatments do require a scheduled medical consultation for which there is a fee (in some circumstances, insurance can be billed for this consultation).

At Endwell Family Physicians, we are always looking into innovative ways to expand our laser services. We will update our website as new services become available. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.